Working with an Illustrator

By Navina Chhabria |

Have you ever looked at a brand or an object and have been immediately attracted to it? And have you wondered why? Was it the color, the design or perhaps an illustration that drew you in? From your morning cereal, your dish towel, the clothes you wear to everyday objects. Illustration is all around us. Ever bought something just because it was cute? Yeah. Me too!

When thoughtfully done, illustration can speak directly to your target audience, capture their attention and lure them in. It is a means of storytelling. Usually accompanied by text, its main aim is to fill the gaps, create visual interest and to give evoke a feeling at a single glance. It leaves the audience wanting more.

Be prepared to share your story. Pick an illustrator who really listens and asks the right questions.

  1. Do your research. I can’t stress this enough. When you’re looking for an illustrator, look through some portfolios. I mean, don’t drive yourself crazy but you it is helpful if you’ve done your homework and know the kind of style/concepts/ideas that appeal to you. Note down the elements that you’re drawn to. If you’re like most people, you have some of the same attributes as your target audience and it is most likely going to appeal to them as well.

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